Killian + that cheeky grin in “Quiet Minds”

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Katherine Beckett, NYPD’s finest, is a terrible terrible funny actress


Proper procedure


10.24 / 11.02


do you ever get into one of those situations where you’re like “I need to stop hating this particular person it’s not going to get me anywhere I’m just going to grow up and move on with my life” but then they do the tiniest thing to piss you off and then you’re like “nope fuck you right off I want to throw you off a bridge”

"one day you will dance with a man who deserves your love"

thanks eli you might have mentioned she’d just get the one shot.

Berlin. ie. one year since a beautiful dance ended in a car crash with the writers’ brains being smeared all over the dashboard.


Have you ever been in love?
"I think, ultimately, she is the product of true love, so genetically her makeup is going to want to find her own true love. What I’ve tried to maintain within her is that there is always this flame of hope. Even though she is so guarded and protected, there is this little flame, and you see glimpses of it at times with the Sheriff and with Hook.”