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"Traveling - it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller."
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Julie Andrews on how she got the part in Mary Poppins.


when walt fucking disney waits for you then you are the absolute queen of everything




Ok here’s what I’m thinking with Densi. In some interview I don’t remember what now, I think Shane Brennan said it. That he didn’t want to do Densi like every other pairing on TV that he wanted to go at it differently because and the guy has a point. Doing it the same way as every other crime show is a little played out.
They wanted to do Densi differently they were thinking outside the box. Just remember Shane Brennan is an Aussie, sometimes we Aussies tend to think along the lines that other people can’t see.

I know we all want Deeks and Kensi together and that we want to see it on screen every week. But and I’m just going from what I got from it. Season 2 till Three hearts, was about Densi getting know each other, and not just as friends as best friends as people who know each other inside and out people who change and evolve around each other. The Big box was that part of them getting to a point where they don’t even have to think, they just know each other that well.

The shedding of it is them or at least Kensi letting go of the past of Jack and all the hurt she had held onto for all those years. She know what happened she knows where he is, now she can move past that, she can let someone in that close again and having Deeks there to get her back, to help her when her she was at her weakest point. She’s saying metaphorically that he is the person she wants to let in. Now it’s up to Deeks does he want to take that step or leave it how they are.

Densi is slow burn, and yes it’s annoying at times and we just want to see them together, but remember they are two people who have in the past carried a lot of baggage, and people with that much Baggage don’t just move past it. It’s going to be slow it’s going to take time and remember they work under Hetty who is the queen of mixed signals, and now Granger knows so they have to work around that.

Kousakis said season five was the season of Densi seasons not over yet.

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#i agree with all of this #i really don't understand that hate this episode is getting #i thought it was amazing #i honestly don't get shippers sometimes like they don't accept anything less than full steam ahead #like wtf a storm hits you gotta slow down yo #just read a post that said the ncis la writers hate densi #like yes ok have your rage moment that they didn't go home and make badass ninja babies #but really? they *hate* densi? #that's why they wrote a team procedural that's clearly divided into two partnerships each week? #because they *hate* densi so much that they continue to write stories about them? #god sometimes peoples' inability to deconstruct television frustrates me #like literally this show is a shipper's dream #there's a push and a pull and they irritate and tease each other #there's guns and danger and fine lines #they have the worst timing but ultimately are there when it matters #this is a show where the writers have literally written two characters AS a ship #there's no vague ambiguity on their part where they tell fans that people see what they want to see #IT IS WHAT IT IS #but personally i love a bit of ye olde angst #i like that it's not as simple as opening a box and seeing what's inside #i like that they're going to be given the opportunity to work together...as partners... #knowing full well that they both have a shit load of feelings for one another #that will be the greatest test for them #for their longevity #because they can't put that stuff back in the box


They are all terrible, just terrible at this, and I love it

everylastline asked: "Ooh what happened on NCIS LA?"

basically Kensi removed the packing tape so that Deeks could open up the box where he found… another box. it’s some deeply epic metaphorical shit or something right there because Kensi and Deeks are soul mates according to the guy with 3 hearts and lots of layers. and like don’t even look at me if you don’t think this episode was one giant metaphor for their entire relationship, it was like “hey deeks, i don’t keep my heart underneath the first layer but congratulations on being the one who I’ll open my box for and when we’re both *there* we’ll open up the next one and see what’s inside”. and like i’m not even sure what the fans are upset about did they not hear the story about the mythological racoons? against all scientific evidence (aka rules and regulations and probabilities of partners getting themselves killed and shit) they will mate for life.


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